Ralf Rho

About Ralf S. Rho

Ralf began his career in public service and politics demonstrating how government adapts to meet the needs of every citizen. He works passionately to ensure that government is there for people when it matters most. Currently, he serves as Director of Digital Communications for PHTK – Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale and Jovenel Moïse – Haiti’s leading presidential candidate – managing the generation of online content that engages audience segments and leads to measurable supports and actions.

Since joining PHTK – Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale in May 2015, Ralf has co-managed all communications plan activities. He has led efforts to modernize and enhance the party's communications capabilities by emphasizing an expanded use of technology and social media to improve communications between the party, its supporters and media outlets.

From 2012 through 2015, Ralf was an Analyst for the City of Fall River. I analyzed and evaluated mayoral agenda items, initiated policies and serving in a liaison capacity between the Office of Mayor William A. Flanagan, the Community Development Agency, City Departments, the Attorney General’s office and various neighborhood organizations.

Ralf graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. The university made available to him a network of professors and students who taught him the responsibilities that come with a diploma. Through the Frederick Douglas Unity House, he played a leadership role in removing distances between ethnic groups on campus.

Everyday that I meet new people, each time I identify with their hopes for better and stronger community, I continue to foster more enthusiasm, more energy, and a more solid sense for service.

Ralf has called the City of New Bedford his home for many years. His campaign for a stronger community is built upon a straightforward approach of leadership, accountability, empowerment, transparency and the belief that our elected officials have a responsibility to deliver the resources and services the taxpayers deserve in the most efficient and effective manner possible. He remains convinced that we can all collaborate with dreams and aspirations to create a unified vision for our city, to redesign neighborhoods where we all care about one another, setting forth in a brand new direction making New Bedford the best city to live, work and raise a family.

Ralf remains inspired by his parents’ pursuit of public service. For many years his late father was an advocate for social causes volunteering time and financial resources to make his neighborhood in Haiti a better place. His mother is a retired nurse who often times had our front porch overfilled with patients coming from adjacent towns to receive free care. In 2012, Ralf founded Kanari Foundation, Inc with a mission to target students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Haiti to foster their literacy skills, leadership and university readiness. The aim is to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of education through a commitment to scholarships, mentoring programs, academic decathlon, study groups and other learning activities. Through the organization he has been able to provide a significant number of critical educational services to Haitian youths in response to the needs of extreme poverty.

Ralf serves on the Development Boards of many local organizations and is also committed to the missions of many charitable organizations throughout the City of New Bedford. He is an active member of the Lions Clubs International, one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, with fellow Lions who inspire with their collective passion and many manifestations of their commitment to serve.

I believe inherent in the American way of life, is the ideal that when we lend a hand to a neighbor or a friend, it is always an investment to strengthen our bonds and make our community better.

Ralf is blessed with three lovely children and a beautiful wife who have splattered him with many years of warmth, friendship, love and family. The family unit has always been the primary way he builds community. Ralf believes that when you raise your children in a loving home to be good citizens, your part in building a better community is done. He is very passionate about the City of New Bedford and he is here to help make it a better place.